A mission debriefing I wrote for a nice group of people at Gencon. -sk

After-Action Report
File SR-3312J

Theatre of Operation: Large trailer located in forested region of Salish Sidhe territory, somewhere East of Seattle; Cave approximately 1.5 kilometers North of trailer location.

Assets devoted to operation:
Snow White
*Name censored* henceforth referred to as DS
Bulldog Van
Approximately 15 drones, heavily armed, Cranky rigged

Mission objectives: Investigate missing person/entity. Return person/entity should they be encountered, otherwise deliver supplied message to any sentients within “range” of last known location. Maximum dispersal distance of message left to team discretion.

Approximately 2130 unknown prostitute/technomancer, henceforth referred to as “Bitchy,” receives electronic message requesting that runners attend matrix meeting to discuss business proposition. Having recently spent last run’s money on liquor and prostitutes, available team comprised of Snow White, Cranky, Shooty, Apathy, and DS agree to meet potential employer.

Approximately 2145 said group of semi-skilled, unemployed individuals arrives at matrix location, an environment designed to appear as a vast black hole devouring thousands of stars. Icon representing Johnson resembles science fiction character Q, as identified by Cranky. Indeterminate if Johnson believed themselves to be said “Q” or actually was such a being. Q offers 9000 nuyen to investigate the disappearance of another “Q” located somewhere within the Salish Sidhe territory. Shooty insists on 9500, but Q stands firm at 9000. Shooty once again suggest 9500 causing Q to reconsider Shooty’s point of view and accept the terms. Shooty fails to request money upfront, and no other team members interject.

Approximately 0000 Team arrives outside of target location by van, road entry to target impeded by gate composed of single metal bar. DS assenses bar and determines it to be of non-magical origin. Apathy attempts to pick padlock on gate with CrackIt™ Auto-Picker, fails. Cranky assists and fails as well. Shooty utilizes XR300 Mono-Chainsaw and removes obstacle after considerable devotion of time. Van continues along road.

Approximately 0030 Runners arrive at destination, at which resides a large metal trailer home with large satellite dishes placed outside. DS, Apathy, and Shooty move toward trailer under cover of shadow, attempting to remain unseen. Cranky engages van headlamps and full compliment of drone lighting. Stealthy inspection rendered impossible. Three team members search trailer and find it empty, though blood stains and bullet casings suggest recent combat. Cranky and Bitchy begin deconstructing satellite and welding it to van.

Shooty convinces Bitchy to pilot drone, henceforth referred to as “Bitsy,” along conspicuous path leading away from trailer, apparently created by tires. Bitsy exits forest 1.5 kilometers north where trail ends but points in the direction of cave. Bitsy attempts to enter cave when connection is terminated and Bitchy receives dumpshock. Massive cerebral hemmorraging results in near death and worse, a suggestion opportunistically left by a spell from DS. Party follows path.

Approximately 0045 Team arrives at cave. Shooty and DS insist Apathy lead the way into the cave because he can sneak. The rest of the team is apathetic. Cranky discovers remains of Bitsy and begins to experience mental breakdown. Soon after entering, Apathy comes running out with “wolf-man” wailing on him with a hunk of wood. DS turns invisible and Shooty falls back to a more defensible position as wolf-man continues to wail away on Apathy who has resorted to begging for help. Cranky mentally snaps and orders full contingent of drones to “Kill” wolf-man. Remains of wolf-man could not be recovered due to wide dispersal and absorption into ground.

Apathy continues into cave with rest of team remaining a safe distance behind. Apathy jumps over small pit filled with pungi-sticks and encounters fire-wielding lizard midgets. Lizard midgets prove hostile and launch molitov cocktails at Apathy and run off. Apathy jumps back over pit, now on fire. Cranky determines that mission parameters have been satisfied. Team prints off message given to them by Q and leaves it under a rock. Return to Q and somehow Q determines that the run was indeed a success, at which time he pays runners in full.

Assets lost:
Approximately 1 pint Apathy blood

Assets gained:
9500 nuyen
satellite dish
Further prostitutes and liquor

Mission status: Complete

Cthulhu’s Note: It’s super late, I’m not sure what I just wrote but it’s sorta how I remember it. For some reason I can’t really remember Snow White doing too much besides having a WTF look on her face the whole time, but that is understandable.

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